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Compiled by over 30,000 mom influencers, content creators, bloggers and the mom next door.

For more than 25 years, the MomSelect community has reviewed products, recommended services and shared their opinions with their communities of followers. We’re amplifying their voice with MomSelect Verified- a collaborative list of favorites, must-haves, and couldn’t live without products and services!  Completely candid and authentic and not a badge paid for by brands. 100% MomSelect Verified and voted on by the MomSelect community.

MomSelect Verified
Here’s how it works

Each shopping or lifestyle season, the MomSelect community votes on a series of product and service categories. The votes are tallied by BSM Media and published here on

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can a brand apply to have their product appear on the MomSelect Verified list?

    A: No, the products that appear on the MomSelect Verified originate from the MomSelect community. Only moms can nominate a product to be considered.
  • Q: How often does BSM Media and MomSelect publish a new MomSelect Verified list?

    A: New lists are released as seasonal shopping and lifestyle seasons change.
  • Q: What kind of Moms are members of the MomSelect community?

    A: The MomSelect community is comprised of moms across the United States representing a diverse group of mothers- racial, geographic, lifestyle, religion, family make up and more.  Most are influencers, bloggers or content creators.