Moms are the most powerful consumers in the world.

Our mission is to connect mom influencers and brands based on their shared values, lifestyle, life phase, relevance and authentic loyalty to each other.

Companies try each day to connect with moms through marketing messages, product information and brand promises. Some do it well, while others fall short. For over a decade, MomSelect, as part of BSM Media, has been working to help brands speak to moms in a relevant manner.


MomSelect is a platform that allows mom influencers to choose the brand campaigns that meet their professional goals and their personal relevance. It ensures brands that they are making authentic and meaningful connections with mom influencers. Ultimately, MomSelect increases the return on investment for both the mom influencer and the brands working with us.

Mom Influencers

Be a part of the oldest and most recognized Mom Influencer network. As a member of Mom Select you can customize your campaign preferences, review the latest brand campaigns, discover new products, host in-home parties, share free samples, attend brand events, and so much more!


Working with Mom Select allows you to engage with the right mom influencers for your brand, produce higher quality and more authentic digital content while generating higher results for your product.

All MomSelect influencers are required to be FTC compliant.

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