Case Study: Clover Stornetta

Project Description

BSM Media teamed up with Clover Stornetta, Inc., a California-based family-owned company that produces the highest quality and best tasting organic and natural dairy products on the market, to promote its latest line of Greek Yogurt. Clover has been around for over 100 years and is the leading dairy product supplier in California. Our campaign participants were excited to partner with such a renowned company. Social Spotters visited grocery stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Clover’s Greek Yogurt is sold, and shared photos of the products across multiple social media channels. All results exceed predetermined goals for the campaign.


  • 80+ Instagram shares
  • 200+ Twitter shares
  • 3.6+ million campaign impressions
  • 100% of participants would purchase Clover Greek Yogurt again
  • 82% of participants reported purchasing additional Clover products after participating in the program

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