MomSelect Program Descriptions

Product Samples:
Many companies are interested in getting their latest products into the hands of influential Moms. If you are interested in trying out new products from popular companies, sign up to receive free samples.

Surveys and Questionnaires:
As a mom, your opinions and insights are invaluable to companies. Before introducing a new product to the marketplace, many manufacturers come to BSM Media to ensure that their product meets the needs of moms and their families. Let your voice be heard by signing up to participate in market research surveys and questionnaires.

In-home Parties:
Are you the type of Mom who is constantly entertaining or planning playdates? If so, you'll be an ideal host for our In-Home Parties. In this program, we'll send you everything you need to host a get-together themed around a certain product- from recipe and craft ideas to decorations and goodie bags. Parties don't always have to happen in your home. As a party host, you can share your party with fellow moms at play date gatherings, scout meetings or other groups that you bring together. Hosting in-home parties is a great way to socialize with other moms in your area and create lasting memories for your children.

In-School Programs:
If you're in charge of planning school-wide fundraisers or activities, you could be a great resource for companies launching new products or services. Let us know if your school, church, synagogue, or activity center is always on the look out for giveaways, auction items, or scheduled function ideas and we'll try to match you up with a company who is more than willing to supply them.

Teacher Programs:
Planning fun and engaging lesson plans is one of the most challenging aspects of being an effective teacher. We often work with companies that develop educational learning tools and are looking to get them into classrooms. Often these products will come packaged with suggested lesson plans, activity sheets and other tools to keep your students' attention.

Programs for Mom Bloggers

Local Blogger Event:
It's no secret that companies are reaching out to mommy bloggers to spread the word about new products and initiatives. While all companies realize and appreciate a blogger's reach and influence, there are often not enough opportunities for companies and bloggers to interact face-to-face. Realizing this gap in communication, BSM Media actively plans events where mom bloggers can learn more about companies' products in fun and engaging ways. These mixers ultimately result in more responsive and mutually-beneficial relationships.

Online Media Campaigns:
As a blogger, you must be familiar with the typical PR company press releases that flood your in-boxes. Participating in a BSM Media Online Media Tour goes far beyond impersonal pitches and product samples. At BSM Media, we create personal relationships with our bloggers and strive to provide you with products and opportunities that match your personalities and fulfill your needs. Signing up for this program qualifies you to receive exclusive products, giveaways for your readers and invitations to sought-after events.

Mom Influencer Programs:
Most moms don't realize how many other women they influence in a single day. From the playroom to the board room, soccer game to the salon, Moms are constantly engaging with other moms. If you're considered the go-to Mom on the block for parenting advice and product tips, you're the perfect Mom Influencer. In these programs, we'll send you product for your own family as well as extra products to distribute to friends, neighbors and co-workers.

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