A Letter from Maria Bailey

As the mother of three babies under 2 years of age, I realized firsthand the spending power of mothers. This was over a decade ago. Since then, I've published four books on the subject of marketing to moms, quantified the buying influence of moms around the globe and shared my insights with over 100 companies. My team has executed marketing programs, launched websites, designed products and connected millions of moms with the most well known brands. In this time, many new technologies have emerged and moms have redefined their roles as caregivers, women and business owners.

Perhaps the most fulfilling part of this journey has been meeting thousands of moms along the way. Many who have impacted change in product design, catapulted brands to success and spread the word among peers about exciting new services. I had an "ah-ha" moment recently and realized that what used to be marketing to moms is today marketing with moms. Thus the idea for Mom Select.

It's time to allow moms to choose if they want to be a part of company's marketing initiative. MomSelect is intended to allow moms a platform to choose to work with companies in marketing their product with moms. I think the vision of MomSelect can be as effectively described in what it's not as what it is:

What MomSelect is NOT:

  • A database of moms which we will sell over and over again to companies
  • A formalized network of bloggers
  • A freebie site

    So we welcome you to choose from the fun and exciting programs we conduct on behalf of our clients.

    We also want this to be a two way relationship, so if you see good marketing opportunities in your local communities please let us know. We can't guarantee we can fill every request but we will do our best.

    As always, thanks to the millions of moms who are supporting my dream to educate companies on what moms want in marketing.

    Maria Bailey

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